General Officers

Air Marshal insignia (wanted) Air Vice Marshal insignia (wanted) Air Commodore insignia (wanted)

Senior Officers

Group Captain insignia (wanted) Wing Commander insignia (wanted) Squadron Leader insignia (wanted)

Junior Officers

Flight Lieutenant insignia (wanted) Flying Officer insignia (wanted) Pilot Officer insignia (wanted)

Non-Commissioned Members

Warrant Officers & Flight Sergeant Insignia

Warrant Officer of the Air Force insignia (wanted)
Warrant Officer insignia (wanted) Master Aircrew insignia
Flight Sergeant insignia (wanted) Flight Sergeant, Aircrew insignia

Sergeant & Junior NCO Insignia

Sergeant insignia (wanted) Sergeant, Aircrew insignia Corporal Corporal, Aircrew insignia Leading Aircraftman / Leading Aircraftwoman insignia Aircraftman / Aircraftwoman insignia